Preliminary Product Selection

At the beginning you will determine the general product:  A polo or a T-shirt?  Fleece or Windbreaker? Is this a higher-fashion or performance piece or more basic?  We will help you to browse catalogs and items in our showroom in order to hone in on a few products that will work for you.  We will often order in some samples so that you can touch and feel the actual piece and get input from your team.

This is “preliminary” because you will likely have to adapt your final product selection based on colors, availability, logo placement options and budget.

Establish your budget

Shouldn’t we do this first?  Sort of.  Often times it is hard to set the budget until you have an idea of what things cost.  Now that we know what you are looking for, we will give you some broad price ranges for completed items that you can use to calculate the total cost of the project.  You can then steer the final product selection towards the price range you want to work with.

Adapt or Create your Artwork

We will work with you to adapt, interpret or create your artwork to look great on the garment or product you have chosen.  Different colors, sizes, styles and fabrics require that we tune and tweak the decorations so they look great and last.  We will give you electronic images of each version and prepare swatches and samples as needed to make sure that we get it just right.

Final Product Selection

Now it is time to choose the exact sizes, colors and quantities.  We will contact our suppliers to verify that everything is available and make adjustments if we run into a stock issue.  Do you need a Custom On Line Store?  We will set it up now and give you what you need to advertise it.

Approve Your Order

You can now give us approval and a deposit so that we can order in the goods and get to work!

Receive Your Order

When your order is ready, we will pack and ship it according to your needs whether it is a single location or multiple destinations.

Enjoy!  We hope that everyone is “wowed” by the choices you have made and the quality of our embroidery and screen printing!