Everybody loves fine embroidery when it is done right on apparel, outerwear and accessories.  To make sure that your project goes well, we identify some of the often-unforeseen challenges to getting your artwork to appear as you envisioned on the product of your choosing.


Artwork Sizing and Placement

The optimal size and placement of your logo or design, are critical to accomplishing your goals and satisfying your clients.  However, your choices are often made more difficult due to the construction of the products:

  • Seams, zippers and pockets are more numerous than ever and often interfere with the embroidery process.
  • Premium branded items frequently have the manufacturer’s brand in exactly the place(s) that you would choose for your own!
  • Differences in men and women’s styles often require different sizing for each and make a uniform appearance challenging.

Fortunately, we can help you to know what to look for when selecting garments and accessories so that you don’t get stuck or delayed by products you can’t use.  We can also offer workarounds and compromises for particularly challenging situations.


Fabric Considerations

There are so many wonderful fabrics today and many of them did not even exist 20 years ago.  All of these fabrics have different characteristics that have to be managed properly for your embroidered artwork to appear as you desire.  For example:

  • Fluffy, plush terries and fleeces and similar fabrics “hide” embroidered lines and details.
  • Stretchy, thin performance fabrics can be “unstable” and move if not prepared properly.
  • Heavy, tough nylons for bags and jackets can be real needle-busters.


As you are selecting your products and tailoring the artwork, we will anticipate these issues and use proven techniques to handle them.


Details and Colors

Embroidery is a beautiful art form but it has its limitations and will never be able to reproduce the level of detail and variation seen in print.   As we adapt and re-create your artwork to optimize it for embroidery, we will suggest valuable enhancements.

For example:

  • Letters and finer details of symbols that are perfect in print or digital form may have to be enlarged or simplified in order to stand out.
  • Fabric colors often appear different than in the catalog and they are outside of our control. We will often suggest variations in thread colors, borders and other techniques that will beautify your artwork.



You will always see a “swatch” of your design before we ever begin your project. This will be your design embroidered on a similar fabric so that you can touch, see and feel for approval.

The biggest problem in everything we do is getting final approvals quickly enough to meet deadlines.


Get us involved right at the start and we will help to make things go as quick as possible!