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PTM Promotional has a storied past and a very bright future. Our goal is to be the undisputed leader of our field in the minds of the clients that we serve and the members of our team. We are continually working to build on our history and the experience of our team and develop a culture that always comes through.

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We have renamed the company “PTM Promotional” in order to better communicate the broad range of products and services we can offer to virtually any team, business or organization. Along with this new website and logo, we are investing heavily in our core operating system and business processes.

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Our main focus, now and always, is to build our team, our systems and our culture so that great morale, superior quality and amazing customer experiences are just the normal state of things at PTM.

It is our great fortune to have such an experienced and dedicated group of people who share the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of our team members and of the people we serve through the way we do our work.

We’re All Over It!

Our History

Our Company was founded in 1975 as The Federal Identification Card Company to serve a need for city employees to have a special ID card.  The company opened a store across from city hall and also began selling memorabilia other gift items.  People with t-shirts to sell asked to put them on consignment and, as they sold well, the company started to have their own designs made.  The company then opened a store on 17th and Sansom streets and named it “The Philadelphia T-Shirt Museum.”

At that time, T-shirts were considered just a fad.  In 1981 the printer who supplied the business was going to close so the company acquired his equipment and began making their own shirts.

Lou Leof & Samantha Deignan

Lou Leof joined the business in 1984 and purchased it in 1994 and renamed it “PTM Sport” in 1999.  Clearly the t-shirt fad was here to stay and the business was growing rapidly.

Samantha Deignan joined the business in 1999 to manage finances and operations as the company continued to grow.

Kathy Liceaga & Jim Deignan

In 2007, Kathy Liceaga merged her thriving embroidery business into PTM, which enabled PTM to serve virtually any branded apparel application with the highest quality embroidery available.

In 2013, Jim Deignan joined the PTM team to manage the screen-printing department and develop the company’s information systems.

Where We Are Now

Early in 2016 it was time for some new energy and new investment and Bill Blaser invested in the company and joined Lou, Samantha, Kathy and Jim as President of PTM.

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Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are here to help you with all of your custom product needs!

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