Here are 5 things you can work on to ensure you will have a successful project!

  1. Start Now! To often the apparel and promotional items get left to the last minute.  Getting the artwork right, collecting sizes, ordering samples and all of the critical tasks have to be rushed and that is when mistakes get made.  Get ahead of it and it is much easier!
  2. Get PTM involved right at the beginning! We do this all the time and we can Make sure that we get you on track, focus on the critical issues keep the project moving.   We can also usually do a pretty good job of identifying problem areas early so that there is time to take care of them.
  3. Focus on Artwork Early! While you may have a well established brand logo and tag lines getting dad to work perfectly on the particular garment textile or product to choose usually require some interpretation.   Often this will require input from other members of the team and maybe even a approval or decision from a corporate body.   In our experience artwork is the biggest consumer of time that people don’t plan for.
  4. Work in parallel! While you’re working on your art work and selecting your products and garments make sure that somebody on the team is focused on counting how many of each thing you will need starting to gather sizing and making sure that all that information is starting to take shape so that you don’t have a delay at the end trying to figure it all out.
  5. Plan for shipping and distribution. Make sure that you put some thought into whether or not your products have to be shipped how long will take to ship them and how to get to be distributed once they’re on-site.   With large projects happening on multiple locations for when we’re shipping to a conference in a faraway location these things can trip us up at the end and they really don’t need to.