While no one truly misses the days of formal office attire, suits and ties and all that went with it, it has become a little more complex to achieve the look you are going for in a company setting.  After all, what is a “company setting” nowadays?

Fortunately, there have never been more or better corporate apparel choices available so it is possible to outfit your team in a way that promotes your brand and builds morale in appropriate style and true comfort.

In this guide, we will give an overview of major trends you should watch and your key decision points enhanced with some good examples.  In following articles and posts, we will go more in-depth for particular garments and categories that all of our clients are asking about.


Custom Corporate Apparel:  The Big Picture.


There are three long-term trends that have shaped corporate attire over the last 25 years and they will continue to evolve the way we dress at work.

The first big revelation that corporate America had was that comfortable people are more productive ( or stuffy attire doesn’t make us more productive!).  It started with the casual Friday and then just took over from there.

Along the way, individuality has become the norm.  Fitting in and looking like the boss have given way to standing out and being noticed and appreciated for who you are.

An effect of these trends has been to pull in clothing that was generally thought of only as athletic wear.  “Athleisure,” as the trend is called, has given us incredible apparel options that are both dressing up athletic standards while dressing down corporate apparel.

The result is that the work environment has never been more diverse, exciting, casual and comfortable than ever before.  Let us help you make the most of it!


What is Your Style?  Corporate-Casual-Cool?

Your business and culture are unique so we want to help you to find just the right mix of apparel options to provide your team.  Even within a company there are usually several acceptable codes of appearance for  different roles, client meetings and events.

Corporate looks are polished and professional and appropriate in the office and out on the road; for managers and representatives.  Today’s fabrics and fashions present professionalism with ever more comfort.




The vast majority of companies today represent their attire standards as “business Casual” and for many professions it is just as appropriate in a client setting as it is in the office.  Still stylish and professional, you can outfit your team in ways that are super casual and comfortable while still maintain your brand’s image.




Many companies and industries today thrive on individuality and non-conformance and the old “dress code” is not a part of the deal.  However, there is often still a need to promote the team identity or represent the company to the outside.  For these situations there is a vast array of options that will achieve this goal while celebrating the individualistic nature of your group.



Need to See More?

The collections above are just a small sample of all that is available to you.  We have over 50 suppliers with extensive collections and it is guaranteed that you will find what you are looking for.

Let Us Help You Be Successful!

While we promote that we have so many great choices, sometimes so much choice can be overwhelming!  Be sure to give us a call and we will help you to find the best options for you.  We can also provide samples for sizing and getting feedback from key people on your team.