Polos are truly one of the most widely worn garments in all of custom corporate apparel and it should be no surprise.  The polo can be as perfect with flip-flops and shorts as it is with dress slacks and flats.  For men and women of all ages, occupations and activities, there is a polo that will do the job!

To help make your polo choices easier, we have assembled this brief guide.  In the information that follows, we aim to give you the key groupings of polo shirts, identify some of the major distinguishing performance features

The Polo Variety

The polo shirt we love today had it origins in sports and eventually found it’s way into casual attire and then the office as the trends evolved.  Following that path is helpful when trying to organize the world of polo’s.



Sport Polos

Sport polos are those that are truly built to look, perform and last in athletic situations like golf, tennis and polo.  Incredible light, moisture wicking and odor-resistant fabrics keep you cool and comfortable during demanding activities and high temperatures.  Bold colors, stripes and textures are great for team and individual identity.

Multipurpose Polos

Comfort during demanding activities and high temperatures is also desirable in work settings and there are many polos that are as suitable on the job as they are on the golf course.  These polos have eliminated some “extreme” features that are only necessary or appropriate for sports but have kept the cool, easy comfort and overall style that we love.

For carefree maintenance, many polos are durable, stain-resistant and wrinkle free which makes them even more popular for regular use.  Stain-proof, Snag-resistant and Snag-proof polos have evolved for more demanding situation where you need to look good on the factory floor or out on a job site and don’t want to sacrifice your shirt!

Fashion Polos

Fashion polos share the desirable fabrics, features and comfort of their peers but they have been designed more specifically to look and feel great in a casual or office setting.  Rich tones and patterns, varying collar styles and pockets set these polos apart.  Fashion polos are often worn with dress slacks and jackets or nice sweaters to provide a more professional corporate-casual look.  These versatile garments move easily through the office and into the client setting.

Polo Fabrics

Cotton pique is the most popular polo fabric for custom corporate apparel due to its comfort, versatility and great looks.  Heavy or light, all cotton or cotton-poly blends combine to get a polo that has the look and feel that works so well in many business settings.

Performance Fabrics have evolved as of late to provide state-of-the-art features in the sporting arena and are doing the same in the work world.