Need the cheapest T-Shirt Possible for your Event?  We understand and can help you get what you need.   You probably need it fast also and we can help with that too.

Here’s Five Ways to Get your Event T-Shirts Cheap and Fast.

  1. Start Now! Avoid charges for rush orders and expedited shipping.  We will work as fast as you let us.  The faster you can give us artwork and approvals, size, quantities and colors, the faster we can finalize your order.  Remember, production can only begin when the order is complete.
  2. Keep it Simple! Simple messaging and artwork is not only great for appeal; it also helps to keep the process moving and your costs down.  Complex, multi-colored artwork with multiple locations on your T-shirts usually takes longer for your team to finalize and approve and consumes precious time.  Multiple colors and locations also increase production time and setup charges, driving up the cost of your T-shirt.
  3. Keep it Light! Lightweight T-shirts in Light Colors can help to keep your costs down.  Most people realize that lighter weight T-shirts are almost always less expensive than heavier weight fabrics.  What people don’t realize is that screen printing darker colors requires an extra base layer of ink to make the decoration show properly.   Going with a lighter color will often save you more on your screen printing costs.
  4. Be flexible! When it gets down to crunch time, you will have to make some compromises.  For example, if you need a pink T-shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you have waited to the last minute, you are going to have to buy what is still available.  Sometimes there are last minute discounts we can take advantage of if you are willing to go with the T-shirt that is on sale.
  5. Be decisive! Nothing wastes more time than indecision!  Keep the decision makers to a minimum and demand a speedy response.  Waiting for approvals on artwork is the single biggest time waster there is in this business.  Waiting for quantities and sizing information is number two.


Get Started Now!

Did we say that already?  Contact us as soon as you start to plan your project.  We can help you with ideas, check stock on critical items and give you some preliminary pricing for your budget.

Let our experienced team help you to make critical decisions that will keep your costs as low as possible and still come up with an event T-shirt that everyone will love.